Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How To Be A Millionaire On Facebook

People look at things very have on rich clothes, good shoes, jewellery, the latest cell phone – hey, you are rich – or so people tend to look at you in that way. You wear old clothes, you look natty – people consider you to be poor and of no use. That is just the way it is.

Even On Facebook
On Facebook, if people see you have no friends, no likes, no followers and what not – people do not have a very high opinion of you. They feel that you are a non-entity on Facebook. Fact is, they even think that you are just a fake.
Well, the sad and naked truth is just that on Facebook and there is nothing you can do about it – except for one thing.

Change The Way People Look At You On Facebook
People will always look at you as a fake, they will not consider you to be genuine or worth anything, unless you have loads of friends, followers and likes and whatnot on Facebook. This is just the way it is with Facebook.
But the good news is that you can change the way people look and feel about you on Facebook. You can turn the tables around, literally speaking. Given time, using certain methods and techniques, which I will detail further below, you will begin to see people slowly but surely, beginning to see you in a  “New and Brighter Light” on Facebook.

Start Getting People Think Of You As A Star On Facebook
Oh yes, it is very important for people to think of you as a star on Facebook. For this, you do not have to be a celebrity or a politician or rich and famous – or infamous. All you have to do to get people to think of you as a star on Facebook – is to get them to like you. 

And believe it or not, you can easily do it. Yes, getting people to like you on Facebook is easier than you think – and you do not have to be a beautiful girl OR you do not have to post nude or semi-nude photos of yourself OR you do not even have to pose fake pictures of girls - in attempts to make people believe that you are the girl. 

So, How Do You Get People Think Of You As A STAR On Facebook?
It is very simple, get used to being FRIENDLY with people. This does NOT mean...

1.     You have to share personal info with them

2.     You have to give them your cell number

3.     You have to go out on a date with them

4.     You have to show  yourself to them on cam

5.     Or any such nefarious or suspicious thing

You need not do any of the above, to get people to think of you as a star on Facebook. All you have to do is be interactive on Facebook.  This is the real big secret to getting people to thinking of you as a star on Facebook.

How Do You Be Interactive To Be A Star On Facebook?
Join a few groups related to the business you are doing. After you have been accepted to these groups, post a message in the group on the lines of...Thank you for letting me join your group. Regards. This will at once get the group admin and people in the group to notice you. So you have scored your first brownie as people will notice you and as you have taken the time to post this simple message, people will think you are kind of friendly and responsive and eager to be active in the group. 

After this, do not post any link to your website or blog or any affiliate link or the link of any group or fan page that you might have created. This will go down bad for you as people will think that you have only come here to advertise. And be sure of this – unless it is a group that says advertise as much as you want – other groups do not like this – and you might very well find yourself booted from the group. 
Steps To Take To Be A Star On Facebook
If you want to be a star on Facebook, be sure to adopt the following techniques, without fail:

·        A CV that is professional: Whether you have a blog or website or a fan page or a group on Facebook, make sure that your About Me or About Your Business, clearly stands out and defines what you are your company can do that sets you apart from the others out there. 

·        Engagement is a must: Just joining a group is not all. You need to engage with fellow group members by Liking what they post, giving nice comments and even sharing. This will get people in the group to know you.  

·        Great content: Ensure that the writing, videos and photos that you post are just awesome. People love seeing great content and this kind of content will really make you very popular in your group. 

·        Shareable content: Ensure that the content that you post can be shared by others who see it and like it. This will make you even more popular on Facebook as all the more people will be seeing what you post. 

·        Reshare content of others: Truly a grand way of getting popular as this ensures that people whose content you share, are really going to like you for sharing their content. 

·        Always be sure to stay active: People in groups are not your family members or close buddies to keep you in mind all the time. Quite likely, the only time they will tend to recall you, is when they are logged into Facebook and they see you are liking, commenting and sharing their content. So, always ensure that you are highly active in Facebook groups. 

A Continuous Process
Keep in mind, getting popular on Facebook is not easy – if you are not a hotshot already, in real life. Thus, you need to be highly active on Facebook – daily. 

If you cannot be active, then hire a professional to do the job for you. Yes, you would need a professional as only a professional would know what is required to get you to be a STAR on Facebook. And who knows, once you are highly poplar and a real Facebook Star, you could even turn out to be a millionaire on Facebook. 

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