Saturday, February 17, 2018

How To Build A Big Business Using Facebook Groups

One of the best ways in which you can really build a huge business, is by networking – trust me, I know what I say as I have been doing this for over a decade now. This is the reason I have clients from all over the globe today.

Okay, So How Do You Network?
The easiest way of networking today, is by using Groups in Facebook. These Facebook Groups are an AWESOME way of building your business. It has been proved that Facebook Groups are a highly effective way of forming lasting and very productive connections.

So let me share with you some of my tips that I use to network and build my business, globally, by using Facebook Groups...

Tip #1: Be Sure You Join ONLY The RIGHT Groups – Today, there are millions of Facebook Groups, it does not make sense for you to join any random group. If you want to network, you need to network with the right people. People who have the same interest as you – people who are interested in your business. Your potential clients!
So, you need to find Facebook Groups that are within your industry – in order for you to be able to network with likeminded individuals. 

Tip #2: The RIGHT WAY To Find The RIGHT Facebook Groups – As I mentioned, there are millions of Groups on Facebook. So, you need to search for the right Groups. Fortunately, Facebook helps you in your search. 

Right at the top, on the navigation bar in Facebook, you can search for groups by typing out a keyword. Facebook will give you the message “Retrieving Suggestions”, after you have typed a keyword. You will see a whole list of suggestions populate in a dropdown list. Look right at the bottom of the list and you will see your keyword over there, at the side of which there will be a “magnifying glass”. Click on that magnifying glass. A page will appear and right on top of this page you will see the following items:
Posts. People. Photos. Pages. Places. More. 

Go to the last option ...More and click on it. You will get a dropdown list of options like...
Groups. Apps. Events.

Click on Groups.
You will see a whole list of Groups appear, most of which will be relevant to the keyword that you typed in the search. 

Tip #3: Choosing The RIGHT Facebook Group – Out of the many Groups that will appear in your search list in Facebook, how will you know which Group is the right one for you? Some groups will have lots of members, - 10,000 and above. Some groups will have as few as 10 members. How do you choose the right one to join?
So, let me share with you something that most people will not share – just because a group has 10,000 plus members, it does not mean it is a good group for you to join. In fact, it could be really bad – and many a time, this is really the case. The reason is, almost 10,000 people are posting things all the time – so it is hardly likely that your post will ever be noticed. Also, it makes no sense in joining groups that have a few 100 members – or less. Nothing really happens in these groups. So, what group to join? Join Facebook Groups that have between 500 – 5000 members. Sure, just to keep your mind and heart happy – join 3 – 4 groups that have 10,000 plus members – but do not expect anything to happen from these groups. 
Tip #4: How Many Facebook Groups Should You Join? – Your mind must be going wild thinking that as there are so many millions of Facebook Groups, you can join thousands of them and network with thousands (Millions??!!!) of people who would be interested in your business. 

Well, if you try to join thousands of Groups on Facebook, you will be able to network with ZERO people – not thousands of people. This is for the simple reason that Facebook DOES NOT ALLOW you to join thousands of groups. Try doing so and your account will be shut down or you will be asked to send in an ID for verifying yourself or you will be banned from accessing certain features on Facebook. So, your safe bet is to join around 10 Groups in Facebook. Choose very carefully which Groups to join. After a week or ten days, you can join another 5 groups – and so on! But just do not keep joining Facebook Groups after every week or ten days, Facebook will close your account if you do so. 

Tip #5: Getting People To Notice You In Facebook Groups – Okay so now you’ve joined Facebook Groups, you will get lots of customers! WRONG! Most likely – people are not even going to notice you in the Groups. To get them to notice you, you need to literally shout in these Groups. So what does it mean by SHOUT in Facebook Groups.
It means that You Have To Be Highly Active. Post in the Group – post only valuable information and information relevant to the Group you have joined. Like other people’s stuff...share stuff of other people, make some nice comments (Even though you might not feel like doing so and even though you might feel that the other person is talking all nonsense). 

Keep On At It
No business online was built in a day. You are a virtual stranger online and in these Facebook Groups. In fact – think of yourself as a nobody. Be humble. If you think you’re too big for your own boots – people in these Facebook Groups will not give a FIG FOR YOU!!! Be prepared for the HARSH REALITY in Facebook Groups – people are not necessarily going to Like you or what you post. So, convince them to like you – over time. Keep posting online regularly – NO SPAMMING! – And in time you will see people getting to Like you and what you post. And this will be the start of your never endless journey of networking with loads of people on Facebook – Networking and MAKING MOOLAH!

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