Saturday, March 24, 2018

What Can You Buy With Bitcoins in 2018?

What can you buy with Bitcoins in 2018 is definitely what must be on your mind, if you are contemplating buying things with Bitcoins. Bitcoins are the new form of currency now being used by people all over the globe today. 

Bitcoins are now the Leading Cryptocurrency 

Fact is, Bitcoins are today the biggest and the most famous digital currency.  Today, there are many big companies who have now started to accept Bitcoins, as a mode of payment for various kinds of goods or services. 

As a result, there are lots of places where you can use Bitcoins today – with more and more places increasing every day. Take a look at the many places at which you can use Bitcoins – to buy all kinds of things: 

1.     One Shot Hotels – Spanish hotel chain
2.     Save the Children – Worldwide charity Organization

3.     Badoo – Online dating site

4.     Rakutan – E-commerce giant of Japan

5.     LOT polish Airlies

6.     PSP Mollie – Dutch payment service

7. – SEO work

8.     Euro Pacific – Big dealer of precious metals
9.      SimplePay – Mobile and web wallet service of Nigeria

10.                        Alza – Biggest Czech online retailer

11.               – Newspaper in Chicago

12.               – Online store that lets people sell their goods

13.                        Amagi metals – Furnisher of precious metals

14.                        Zynga – Mobile gaming

15.                        Pembury Tavern – Pub in England

16.                        Lumfile – Cloud bas file server
17.                        Grass Hill Alpacas – Farm in Haydenville MA

18.                        EZTV – Provider of Torrents TV shows

19.                        Helen's Pizza – Jersey City N.J.

20.                        Whole Foods – Organic food store

21.               – Online newspaper

22.                        Subway

23.               – Travel booking site – books hotels, car rentals and even airline tickets

24.                        The Internet Archive – Web documentation company

25.                        Reddit 

26.                        OkCupid – Online dating site

27.               – Electronics retailer online

28.               – Domain name registrar

29.                        The Pink Cow – Diner in Tokyo, Japan

30.               – Company selling things at lower rates because of overstocking

31.               – Online travel agency

32.                        Virgin Galactic -  Virgin Airlines and Virgin Mobile 

Loads of places to use Bitcoin

As you can see, there are lots of places where you can use Bitcoin to buy stuff – online as well as offline. The best part is, the list of places where you can use Bitcoin to buy stuff, is growing day by day. So, don't you think it's time you grabbed some Bitcoins for yourself? Here is one of the top places where you can get Bitcoins –


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