Saturday, April 21, 2018

10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

10 ways to drive traffic to your blog are a must for you to know, if you want to build a successful business or have a highly successful blog.

You Have The Best Looking Site

So, you finally managed to hire expensive coders and website designers and what not and you put up the best looking website or blog. It looks so good, it could actually be one of the best websites or blogs in the world.

So what next? Obviously, you want the world to know about your online presence. And obviously, as you have the best looking website or blog in the world, people will come to you. Right, so it’s been a week now and no one has visited your website or blog – except for the few friends or family members you have told. And so, you have managed to get some 5–10 visits a day, in the last week.

So What Happened?

You just built one of the prettiest looking websites in the world. Why aren’t people flocking to see your ‘oh so very beautiful site’? After all, did you not pay all that money to build such a fabulous looking site?

Perhaps you have now started to realize that something has gone drastically wrong? And you begin to think, did you hire the wrong coders? Did the website designers that you hired, build your website in the wrong fashion? Why is it that people are not coming to your beautiful looking website or blog? What went wrong? Whoever told you that having a successful website or blog, means you have to build a site that looks so very pretty?

What in the world gave you that idea?
The truth is, you might have the best looking website in the world, but it does not mean that you will get people to see it.

There are millions and millions of websites and blogs on the world wide web. What makes you think people will even see your site? Fact is, the chances of people seeing your blog or website are very slim, unless you take action and force people to come to see your site.

You Need To Drive Traffic

Yes, traffic is the key to any successful blog or website. Just having a good looking site is not enough. You need people to come to it by the thousands. The more the number of people coming to your site, the more successful it is.

Just imagine you are selling something on your blog or website. If instead of 20 people coming to your blog or site in a day, wouldn’t it be better if 1000 people visited your site every day? This would mean that your chances of selling are better, as the number of people coming to your site is very high. So, how do you bring people to your site? Here are…

10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Yes, to have a successful website or blog, you need to drive lots and lots of traffic to your site. Here are 10 ways in which you can do so: 

1.          Social Media: This is a very good way to get lots of attention to your website.
2.          Infographics: A great way to showcase statistics, data and information.
3.          Fresh Content: Ensure that you keep updating your website with fresh content, regularly.
4.          Let Your Followers Work: Use captivating methods that will get your social media followers to do your work for you.
5.          YouTube: A great way to attract a massive audience to your website.

6.          Podcasting: Yet another innovative way to draw people to your website.
7.          Interviews: Get in touch with people in your niche and interview them.
8.          Facebook Promotion: Be sure to carry out a consistent promotion on Facebook.
9.          Guest Blogging: Approach reputed bloggers and get their permission to write on their blog.
10.      Backlinking: Find websites in your niche and back-link to them.

So, if you want a successful website, don’t go by the looks. Start driving loads of traffic to your site. You now know 10 ways to drive traffic to your blog. 

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