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Are You Aware Of Google SEO Updates 2018?

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Google SEO Updates 2018 are imperative for you to understand as the internet giant Google, is bringing about a revolution in the world of searching with Google SEO Updates 2018

The Latest Info On Google SEO Updates 2018

Google is aiming at long term strategic changes by launching changes dynamically over time. These updates lead bloggers, website owners and web marketers, to head towards a more strategically aimed approach, while turning their faces away from the tactical SEO techniques at the same time. 

Although tactical SEO lives forever, still these Google SEO 2018 updates are bringing changes in the generic behavior of social media marketers. Here I am going to discuss some of the major changes that Google has brought out in recent times to refine its SEO strategy, especially SEO in 2018

More On Google SEO Updates 2018

The first Google SEO Updates 2018, was that it ‘secured all organic searches’ through protocols. This was a huge change, as it rendered publishers unable to receive keyword data from incoming search results by users from Google. The repercussions of this update were that website owners won’t be able to get keyword data anymore. 

All searches are now encrypted. Data transmission occurs only through secure HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol. So now, the easiness involved in using keyword data was forever gone and this was A BIG SETBACK TO MANY SOCIAL MARKETERS.

All You Need To Know About Google 2018 SEO Updates 

During the course of Google SEO 2018 updates, the Google ‘Page Rank Tool’ in the Google page rank toolbar, ceased to be updated anymore. Before it was updated, around once every three months. No updates now. 

So that corresponds that having a higher or lower PR value in this toolbar, won’t matter that much now. It is very likely now that Google is eradicating this add on from its toolbar altogether. They even say that they don’t use Page Rank themselves.

But There’s Still More To Google SEO 2018 Updates 

With the launch of the ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm of Google SEO, the way an average user searches on the internet got a total upheaval. Now Google can bring you results for your conversational queries as well. It has started processing natural language, thereby inducing artificial intelligence (AI), in the field of Google searches.

It means that now a search won’t be made for specific keywords only. Rather it will be a semantic search indexing of the results. So to achieve a level of SEO for your website or blog, you have to use FRESH AND UNIQUE CONTENT. And it is really going to take loads of effort from you to do this… especially if you have no idea of how to write and the proper usage of keywords. If you suck at this, you can be sure that Google Spiders will not even crawl your website. And if they do not do that, your website or blog will not be seen by people. And that means, NO BUSINESS FOR YOU!

Google SEO Updates 2018

The next update I will discuss about is not as new as you might want to perceive it. It’s ‘Google Plus’. BUT, the change is in the way it is impacting search results. It took a slow start, but it is a rising star in our Google SEO 2018 scenarios today. 

You might have observed that now Google lets personalized pages from Google Plus to be listed in search results. Seeing the momentum it is holding, we can conclude that it will be the face of building identities and semantic relevance, in times to come. 

The Next Feature I Am Going To State Isn’t A Newbie Either

It’s ‘Authorship’ that was released. I am discussing it here because of its relevance and the part it is supposedly playing in the SEO 2018 world today. In its most fundamental sense, ‘Authorship’ is used to associate the content with its original writer. This tool determines the appositeness of the response generated on some specific content whose data is collected over time. 

This relevance is then used to designate an ‘Author Rank’ to the content moderator. This term however, though not technically used by Google, actually still has a strong influence on providing ranking signals to more generic content. This leads us to the importance of personal authority. 

Very Important Google SEO 2018 Updates 

The last one I will be discussing is ‘In-Depth Articles’. According to Google usage statistics, about one tenth of the searches are made targeting a broader sense of some topic. To make it easier for users in its Google 2018 SEO Updates, it has focused on providing high quality content in the search results. This modification lets user explore more, so that we can delve into the topics. 

Content moderators have to probe more specifically now, to provide quality metadata to webmasters, for Google to use it and list their content as in-depth articles. Now Author Rank and Publisher Rank are supposed to pay off actually, considering the fact that Google somehow maintains some ranking algorithm to mark your website or blog, as high or low rank.

Understood About Google 2018 SEO Updates?

The above mentioned Google SEO 2018 Updates are just small pieces of a bigger puzzle, but you MUST FULLY UNDERSTAND ALL THESE Google 2018 SEO Updates, if you want to succeed and grow your business. Google 2018 SEO Updates are going to revolutionize the generalized way of doing search engine optimization, using keywords and all. Google is working towards letting people search what they want to, more specifically. It is driving people to use searching techniques more strategically, rather than the deliberate use of it.

This Means, Serving The Right Content To The Right Audience!

So, we can say that these Google SEO 2018 Updates, launched by the biggest internet entity, are a way to enhance the user searching experience, by letting him or her be less specific and receiving more outcomes for his/her queries. Now you know all that there is to know about Google SEO Updates 2018 – and how you can benefit from them!

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