About Me!


A li'l about myself…

I have been offering various services online, since a li'l over a decade now.

I have clients all over the world.

The services I offer include the following:

* Article writing.

* Logo designing.

* WordPress blog setup and designing.

* SEO (On Page & Off Page).

* Social Media Marketing.

* In-Depth Research.

* Virtual Assistance with almost any kind of job that you need done.

* Lead generation – contacting customers related to your business and sending them an email or giving you the generated email database to contact them.

* Facebook marketing.

* Extensive market research on any product or service, including technical.

* Experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

* Carrying out business inquiries.

* Can take care of a large volume of e-mails.

* Make and confirm appointments

* Transcription of files.

* Capable of handling data entry work.

* Creating and sending invoices.

* Liaise with projects.

* Conducting Google hangout interviews.

* Providing support to your customer support team.

* Can help complete written proposals.

I am very friendly and coachable. I have a high-speed internet connection.

Are you looking for someone who can spend long hours online – while you take care of your other businesses or your personal work – without worrying that the other important things that you need to do – are being well taken care of?

If that is so, I am just the gal you seek.

I am online almost 16 – 18 hours a day – and this in itself will prove very valuable to you – as I will almost always be available for you online – to do your work... even at the most odd hours.

I look forward to providing an excellent service for you.

You can reach me at: